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Virtual reality device lets you feel the weight of in-game objects

A virtual reality device called Reactive Grip allows users to feel virtual objects through a combination of software and hardware, Mashable reports.

Reactive Grip is the work of Tactical Haptics, a company that specializes in commercializing haptic technology. The controller works with the help of a physics engine that uses muscle feedback in combination with virtual reality environments. The controller takes a digital representation of whatever virtual object you're holding, measures yours hands and computes the physical force needed.

"It's essentially creating a really simple yet effective illusion that you have physical interaction with things," Tactical Haptics CEO William Provancher told Mashable. "What you experience is a combination of what's called a motion component (what you feel in your muscles) and tactile (what you feel in the skin)."

However, the controller would require consoles to be compatible with both Reactive Grip and whatever game is being played. You can read the full interview on Mashable.

For more on Reactive Grip, check out the video below. Tactical Haptics is currently raising funds for the controller via Kickstarter. The campaign ends Dec. 11.

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