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Star Citizen will continue to expand its team to meet new needs

Cloud Imperium's space combat sim Star Citizen continues to amass funds and achieve new stretch goals, but creator Chris Roberts is expanding to meet new needs as well, the designer recently told Ten Ton Hammer.

According to Roberts, Cloud Imperium continues to add more team members to address the project's ever-growing needs. Staff members are added to cover new features, Roberts said, which doesn't impact the rest of the game.

"We're expanding wide as well as deep, so we don't just bring on people to handle new components like the boarding actions. We also add to existing teams so that they can do more as well," Roberts said.

Roberts added that Star Citizen is still on target to hit its 2015 release date, and that an alpha is expected late next year.

Star Citizen recently surpassed $34 million in funding. Its next stretch goal is set at $35 million.