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New program lets you return computer games you can't play

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Downloadable games site is now offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee worldwide on the DRM-free functionality of its entire catalog of PC and Mac games, the company announced today.

Games purchased on that will not run on users' computers even if they meet the requirements on the game page and still won't run even after assistance from the GOG support team, can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Purchases made accidentally can also be refunded up to 14 days later, but only if the purchased game has not been downloaded.

In a press statement, GOG notes this new policy is a "declaration of trust" that it will "do whatever it takes" to get its DRM-free games up and running on players' hardware. The trust goes two-ways, however — the company also notes this is a move to show it trusts its users, as DRM-free games can't be deactivated on buyers' machines if they are reported as broken. is confident, however, that 99.9 percent of cases will see no trouble.

The money-back guarantee policy, effective today, also covers games purchased up to 30 days ago. Players having trouble running their games can contact GOG through the Support Page.

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