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The Division's Snowdrop engine makes game development fun

Snowdrop, the engine that will power Tom Clancy's The Division on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, will rest on three pillars.

When creating Snowdrop, developer Massive "reevaluated the entire development workflow to refocus on a smarter, rather than bigger, way of doing things," according to a post on Ubisoft's official blog.

That reevaluation resulted in Snowdrop's three pillars: Empowerment, which allows animators, artists and designers to get their work done quicker, Real Time, which allows developers to implement and iterate quickly and Fun, a concept that applies not only to the final product, but to using the engine during development.

"Tom Clancy's The Division has been designed specifically for and on next-gen, using our 100 percent next-gen Snowdrop engine," a representative from Massive said. "This new generation of consoles has opened many new opportunities to create more immersive and dynamic worlds, and enabled us to create the universe we had envisioned for The Division."

You can watch a new trailer for The Division from the VGX awards to see Snowdrop's dynamic day and night cycles in action. Check out our in-depth coverage from E3 2013 to lean more.

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