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Luftrausers delayed as developer works out console and handheld deal

Developer Vlambeer is delaying the release of Luftrausers as the studio works out a deal with a currently unnamed company to bring the game to a console and handheld device, according to its official website.

Vlambeer is believed to be in negotiations with Sony to bring the title to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita; however, the company is yet to explicitly announce this, referring only to a "certain large company (that we have worked with before.)"

The game, which is based on a project the team developed in 2011 (and is playing here), was initially slated to release late last year prior to the launch of the studio's other in-development title Ridiculous Fishing. Now the studio states Luftrausers is likely to release in early spring, with official release dates to be announced at a later time.

"Obviously, though, we're sorry to say that that means that it is likely that Luftrausers is shifting back a month or two," reads a statement on the Vlambeer website. "Not only do we need to support these new platforms in the code, we also need to make sure they pass the certification processes. Luftrausers would be best launched on all platforms at once, as far as we're concerned, so that means we have to push back the release just a bit."

Because of this delay, the launch of Ridiculous Fishing is likely to come before the release of Luftrausers, "but both of them should be out before three more months," says the company.

Both games will still be playable at this year's PAX East, IndieCade East and a number of upcoming events. Luftrausers was first announced last April.

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