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GameStick ends Kickstarter campaign with just under $650K, meets all stretch goals

The Kickstarter campaign for the Anrdoid-based GameStick console closed today with $647,658, almost six and half times more than its initial funding goal of $100,000.

Earlier this week the campaign cleared its final $560,000 stretch goal. The GameStick will now be released in four colors: white, black, red and an additional color to be voted on by the console's Facebook community.

Creator PlayJam unveiled the GameStick's final design earlier this week, and announced it would come with a docking station providing additional ports for USB and HDMI cables and external storage devices. Backers who pledged for a reward tier without a dock option could pledge an additional $20 to any tier to receive a dock.

PlayJam plans to release the GameStick public and begin shipping to backers in April. Backers who pledged towards the $69 "Early Bird" rewards tier will receive the console at a discounted price, while non-backers will be able to purchase the console for $79.

The GameStick Kickstarter campaign launched on Jan. 2 and hit its $100,000 goal just 30 hours after it went live. On Jan. 10 the campaign was briefly pulled down due to an intellectual property dispute over game footage used in its demo reel, but was put back online later the same day after the conflict was settled.