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Sleeping Dogs getting five more add-on content packs before the end of March

Open-world action game Sleeping Dogs will receive five additional downloadable content packs in the coming months, following through with its launch-day commitment of providing six months worth of additional DLC, publisher Square Enix announced today.

Between now and the end of March, Square Enix and developer United Front Games will release additional content ranging from new weapons and gear to story-based expansions:

  • Outed by a leaked trailer earlier this week, the Year of the Snake DLC will introduce a new set of missions that take place immediately following the main storyline. Wei Shen rejoins the Hong Kong Police Department in a struggle against the Cult of the Snake, a group seeking to cleanse the city in preparation for the end of the world. The pack will add new teargas guns and electroshock pistols as well as new outfits and abilities to Wei Shen's arsenal.
  • The Movie Masters Pack adds three new outfits for Shen that will boost his martial arts skills: the Vigilante and Unknown Warrior outfits and the Bronze Warrior armor.
  • The next story-based add-on, Wheels of Fury, gives players access to the new DZS-90 supercar, outfitted with armor and firepower. Shen will have to race his new vehicle against the 18K drug smuggling organization and can upgrade it with items obtained after completing each of the pack's missions.
  • The Law Enforcer Pack adds police department gear for Shen, including two policeman outfits, five police vehicles and a new weapon.
  • The Monkey King Pack lets players don the guise of the immortal being Sun Wukong,the otherworldly Monkey King of the classic Chinese epic novel Journey to the West from the 1500s. The outfit allows Shen to wield a two-handed staff and comes with its own stat buffs and special vehicle. The pack was selected for inclusion by the Sleeping Dogs player community in a poll on its official Facebook page last fall.

Check out the screenshots above for a quick look at what players can expect from the upcoming rounds of Sleeping Dogs downloadable content.

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