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Watch a scene from The Secret of Monkey Island recreated in Source Filmmaker

An adept animator has recreated a classic scene from The Secret of Monkey Island in Source Filmmaker and published it on YouTube.

Callegos Yavolitak used the voice work from 2010's The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and characters from Team Fortress 2 as stand-ins for wannabe mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood and a trio of high-ranking pirates. The video recreates the scene in which Threepwood (who you might know as "Thriftweed" or "Peepwood") learns of the the Three Trials he must complete before becoming a pirate. Check out the video above to see The Secret of Monkey Island as interpreted by the Source Engine and get a refresher on the bizarre ingredients in grog, a real pirate's drink of choice.

Released as an open beta in July 2012, Source Filmmaker is the software that Valve uses to create cinematics for its games and other projects, like the Meet the Pyro short film. You can download Source Filmmaker free from its official website.

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