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Rebellion's second teaser trailer for 'Totraum' sings a twisted children's nursery rhyme

Sniper Elite and NeverDead developer Rebellion Developments released a second teaser trailer today for its unannounced PC horror game, slated for reveal on Valentine's Day.

"Amidst the crackle and hiss of the wireless a young girl's song penetrates the dark. But this is no heart-warming nursery rhyme..." reads the description of the video on the developer's Facebook page. The trailer, posted above, pans out on a scene of corpses and blood-drenched walls ringed in shadows, while a little girl sings a version of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" with darkly twisted lyrics.

The QR code displayed at the end of the video takes viewers to a sign-up page for a newsletter called "Priority One" with a Nazi Reichsadler symbol dripping blood as its insignia.

The stand-alone title, which Rebellion teases as "the dead space" of "Totraum," will be unveiled on Feb. 14.

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