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Cliff Bleszinski's biggest regret was the launch of Gears of War 2’s online play

Launching Gears of War 2's online play was the biggest regret of former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, according to a recently posted FAQ on his Tumblr.

"It was a huge mistake for everyone involved, unfortunately," Bleszinski wrote. Bleszinski offered additional insight on Gears of War as a whole, including the characters' look and dialogue. According to Bleszinski, the buff look of the characters wasn't his call, and his writing didn't include the day-to-day work.

"In hindsight having the characters yelling things like 'Shit yeah' while in the midst of a life and death situation might not have been the best idea," Bleszinski wrote. "Still, it's things like this that were a signature of the game."

According to Kotaku, the FAQ also included a now removed question on Epic's "Samaritan" demo that was shown at GDC in 2011.

"One day I'll be able to give the full story on that," Bleszinski wrote. "It's really a doozy. If journalists nag Epic enough and they give the OK I'd be glad to give details."

In response to questioning from Kotaku, Epic Games echoed Bleszinski in that it was a "doozy," and added that there is no new information about it.

Bleszinski left Epic Games in October 2012 to take a "much needed break" after 20 years in the industry. On his Tumblr, he added that "in becoming the overall 'master of the fun' as Design Director I didn't have 'my baby' project any longer, which was something that I really missed.

"I also had saved enough to just take some time off and roam the earth like Kane in Kung Fu," Bleszinski wrote.

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