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Rise of the Triad production diary details design

A new Rise of the Triad production diary gives players a behind-the-scenes look at how developers will design the upcoming title.

An important step is studying the original Rise of the Triad to learn how to improve upon it, said Martin Colith, a level designer.

"One thing is the design of the level and of course how the level flows through," Colith said. "But the other thing is to actually keep the player immersed in some way. For this, the original did not have NPCs, but in our game ... we will have a prison where you will actually see NPCs behind bars. This adds to the feeling of immersion for the player that the place is not empty, there are actually people here that have been captured or tried the same thing as you have."

Rise of the Triad is a reboot from Interceptor Entertainment. The game was announced at QuakeCon in August 2012 for Windows PC. Check out the video above.

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