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Mew-Genics goes musical with the release of 'The Ballad of D. Claude'

Team Meat is offering up a track from the soundtrack of their upcoming Mew-Genics, which can be either streamed for free or downloaded at any price from online music store Bandcamp.

"The Ballad of D. Claude" is described as one of the team's favorite tracks off of the cat-centric title's album. Lyrics to the song are available through Bandcamp, with a few poetic gems such as "My face ain't pretty, it's kinda loafy/And my butt ain't gonna win a cat ass trophy."

A video teaser released by Team Meat last month offered the first look at the game's soundtrack, all of which is written and produced by the two-man band Ridiculon. The game will feature 10 songs in total.

Mew-Genics is set to launch on iOS devices and other yet-to-be-revealed platforms. No release date is announced as of yet.

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