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Chinese hacker arrested after extorting $32K from web companies to buy MMO armor

A 24-year-old Chinese man was arrested after authorities learned he had amassed $32,000 to purchase in-game MMO equipment by extorting internet companies, reports Chinese network Phoenix Television on iFeng.

The network reports that the hacker, a man surnamed Zhang who had dropped out of high school, had moved to the Guangxi region and spent most of his time at the internet cafe where he worked playing MMOs. According to iFeng, Zhang was unable to purchase a certain set of expensive in-game armor, researched how to hack the game and began stealing other players' accounts. He would supposedly then use their money to purchase equipment for his use with his own account.

The network says Zhang moved on to extortion, taking down three websites belonging to web companies in Guangxi and ransoming them for a total of $32,000. Zhang would attack a website, wait 24 hours, then identify himself as the hacker and demand money to restore the site. If the company did not pay, he would leave the site down.

According to the network, police received a tip identifying Zhang as the hacker who had taken down the websites. Police reportedly found proof of extortion in Zhang's bank account and arrested him in an internet cafe in Qingdao, Shangdong province.

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