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Minecraft: Pi Edition released as a free download today

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Minecraft: Pi Edition, a free version of Mojang's block-based world builder created for the diminutive Raspberry Pi computer, is available for download today, according to a post on Mojang's website.

Announced last November, the developers behind the credit card-sized computer on a chip created the port. Mojang's chief word officer, Owen Hill, imagined at the time that players could use the built-in programming features to "use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a minuscule budget." To install the software, Raspberry Pi owners need to download a program called Raspbian "wheezy," boot their devices properly and type in a few terminal commands. You can find detailed directions on the official Minecraft: Pi Edition blog.

The Raspberry Pi Model B is available in North America through Allied Electronics for $35. You can also pick up additional hardware like enclosures, input devices and cords. A list of worldwide retailers is available on the Raspberry Pi official components website.