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The pink and white Nintendo 3DS XL returns to North America

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A pink and white Nintendo 3DS XL is available at North American retailers again this week, according to a post on the official Nintendo 3DS Facebook page.

Nintendo did not release details on the price, but the color configuration for a previous run is listed on Best Buy's website for $199.99, which is the typical price for the XL. GameStop's website also lists a pink and white console for $199.99.

Nintendo first released the pink 3DS XL in North America last November exclusively at online retailer Gilt. The following month, the company released a limited run during the holidays. Nintendo confirmed to Go Nintendo in January that the color configuration "was a limited edition, and at this time there have been no announcements regarding its re-release or the release of additional colors."

Nintendo announced the 3DS XL, which sports a screen 90 percent larger than the original 3DS, at an event in July 2012. The super-sized handheld launched last August in red and blue.

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