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Custom arcade hardware builds a video game emulator into a wooden cabinet

Swedish craftsman and designer Love Hulten's custom video game cabinet, the R-Kaid-6 "console," is an arcade emulator contained in a cabinet of carved and polished wood.

Hulton's R-Kaid-6 contains MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator software that recreates the arcade playing experience for computers, and the Maximus Arcade application, which allows users to access multiple emulators while simultaneously minimizing the operating system environment. The cabinet includes two custom-built wireless controllers, also made of polished wood, that can be stored in a top compartment.

The video above shows a demonstration of the R-Kaid-6, which projects running video game software without a screen and plays in-game sounds. Watch Hulton play games like Metal Slug 2 and Street Fighter 2, all of which are projected on a wall with solid graphical quality.

Hulton notes on his online portfolio that some of his pieces are for sale or can be reproduced for buyers. Those interested in purchasing his work can contact him at his official website.

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