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Today I Played: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Before you join in me in a locked gaze with the infinite abyss, I recommend a read of my colleague Arthur Gies' Aliens: Colonial Marines review. Arthur tactfully dissects the creature, pulling back its skin to uncover its maladies.

View this Today I Played as a travel journal. Join me on a journey into the darkness, where aliens move like humans and humans move like aliens. Behold the view from inside my colleague's animated face. Gasp as stray combustible barrels detonate my character's body like a water balloon full of strawberry soda.

Video should help you better comprehend the flaws of Aliens: Colonial Marines. They are numerous. Some are painful, others are frustrating and a few are, intentionally or not, hilarious.

If you had to choose, would you live in a world with Aliens video games or Aliens GIFs? Let me know in the comments section. And watch previous Today I Played videos here.

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