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God of War: Ascension video offers an inside look 'at vo-mocap'

A new God of War: Ascension video gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at "vo-mocap," Sony Santa Monica's motion capture procedure.

The video features actors Jennifer Hale (Lysandra), T.C Carson (Kratos) and Troy Baker (Orkos) suited up and on-set to act out scenes from the game. After their performance is through, the cinematic animators take the footage and recreate it within the game.

According to a post from producer Ariel Lawrence, vo-mocap is great because it allows voice actors to work together.

"Delivery, timing, and efforts all come more naturally because the actors are able to play off of each other," Lawrence wrote. "They see how far apart they are from each other physically. They can watch emotions play out on each other's faces and respond appropriately. They can whisper.

"On the first God of War, we might have been able to show the actors concept art, and possibly a playblast of animation that was in progress. Now we can load up the game environment and the character's model and rig, and show a rough solve of the actor's own performance in real time between takes."

You can watch the video above. God of War: Ascension will be released for PlayStation 3 March 12.

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