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Halo 2 PC multiplayer support extended through June, 343 investigating 'further support options'

Halo 2's Windows PC multiplayer support will extend through June and Halo 4 developer 343 Industries is investigating "further support options," according to a tweet from David Ellis, a designer at 343.

A Halo Waypoint community manager announced last month that the multiplayer servers would be taken down this Friday, Feb. 15. The developer made the decision after months of monitoring, which revealed that player activity peaked "consistently at approximately 20 players or less." The multiplayer component of Halo 2's Xbox counterpart shut down in April 2010.

In an interview last November, Xbox co-creator Kevin Bachus credited the company's cooperation with Bungie and Halo 2's launch in 2004 with shaping the future of the Xbox Live service. According to Bachus, their work was responsible for creating and fine-tuning features like matchmaking, skill ranking, friends lists and even the "walled garden" user account system.

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