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Serious Sam Double D XXL gun diary gives the lowdown on weapons

Serious Sam Double D XXL's latest Gun Diary offers a look at the game's weapon system and choices.

There are four upgrades available for eight different gun types, though the video only covers two weapons and four upgrades. A Tommy gun by itself might not be impressive, but with updates like the Death Adder, it's a powerful weapon that's perfect for taking on thick crowds. Another upgrade, the Turret Tosser, will create a turret and fill it with Tommy gun ammo. Turrets will auto-target enemies for easy dispatching.

The Laser gun is another powerful option, and with the Health Leech upgrade, players can suck the life out of enemies. Upgrading the Laser gun with the Electrostatic Orb, on the other hand, will arm players with powerful electrical energy.

Check out the video above to see both weapons and their upgrades in action. Serious Sam Double D XXL will be released for Xbox Live Arcade on Feb. 20.

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