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Telltale’s DC Comic Fables game still in production, will use a different name

The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games is still hard at work on an episodic game based off the DC Comic Fables, but the game will be sold under a different name, CEO and co-founder Dan Connors told IGN.

Speaking with the publication during the DICE Summit last week, Connors explained that the team is still "hammering" out details on the game.

"We're based on the property, but we'll have a new name," Connors said. "We haven't announced it yet. We're still hammering it out. We want to make sure that people know it's associated with the DC comic and Bill's work and everything else. It's delicate. But it won't be called Fables."

Fables is Bill Willingham's comic series about characters from folklore who have been forced out of their homes and now reside in New York City. The series began in 2002. Telltale announced its plans to create a video game based off the property in 2011, when plans for The Walking Dead were also revealed. According to Connors, Telltale's work on The Walking Dead has helped the company figure out what it can do with the new game.

"Walking Dead has had a huge impact on the company as far as how we look at things and how we do what we do," Connors said. "We're taking a lot of what we learned from [The Walking Dead] and making sure that Fables can execute on the same things. That's taking longer. But we're definitely in full production on it. We're working hard. It's coming together really well. We'll probably have more to talk about on it pretty soon, with a name and everything else, in the near future."

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