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Ecolibrium the alien ecosystem simulator now available for PS Vita

Ecolibrium, an alien ecosystem simulator app for the PS Vita, launched on the PlayStation Home Arcade today.

Developed and published by Sony, the app invites players to create a balanced ecosystem. Harmonious environments are rewarded with Ecopoints, which can be spent on new creatures and plants. There is an option to skip ahead and buy special flora and fauna straight away with purchasable tokens.

In order to create a balanced environment, players must address variables such as creating a structured food chain and adapting the ecosystem to in-game weather seasons.

Online features include the ability to buy and sell creatures in player-to-player auctions and to gift and receive specimens using Near, the PS Vita's social networking platform. Competitive aspects include Trophy support, online challenges and global leader boards. Players can also explore their ecosystems using the PS Vita's 3-axis gyroscope.

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