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Wildstar introduces Dominion faction and Stalker class

Carbine Studios unveiled today the latest faction and class in the developer's upcoming MMO Wildstar, offering details on the Dominion race and Stalker stealth class in a post on the official Wildstar blog.

The Dominion faction is described as an interstellar empire fueled by military strength, religious fervor and advanced technology. This faction is broken into three races, Cassian, Mechari and Draken. Cassian are said to be the humans of planet Cassus who experienced a rapid growth in technological advancement two thousand years prior to the events of the game. The Mechari were engineered by the Eldan, an ancient race, are are described as efficient killing machines. The Draken are the warriors of this faction, whose aims are to simply eviscerate those in their way.

Also revealed by Carbine is the Stalker class, which uses both stealth and technological know-how in combat. The Stalker is described as a silent assassins who strategically control the battlefield using mines and other weapons.

Last week Carbine Studios announced the game will launch this year on PC.

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