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Valve layoffs are not indicative of project cancellations or priority changes, says Gabe Newell

In response to reports and speculation about recent layoffs at Valve Software, co-founder Gabe Newell issued a statement via email denying project cancellations or serious changes within the company.

"We don't usually talk about personnel matters for a number of reasons," Newell said. "There seems to be an unusual amount of speculation about some recent changes here, so I thought I'd take the unusual step of addressing them.

"No, we aren't canceling any projects. No, we aren't changing any priorities or projects we've been discussing. No, this isn't about Steam or Linux or hardware or [insert game name here]. We're not going to discuss why anyone in particular is or isn't working here."

Reports of Valve layoffs began yesterday with hardware engineer Jeri Ellsworth, who tweeted of her unemployment earlier in the day. Gamaustra and Develop further reported that as many as 25 employees had been let go. Polygon's own investigations revealed that at least seven employees have been removed from Valve's employee listing.

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