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Guild Wars 2 teaches you how to capture-the-orb in latest gameplay video

The latest Guild Wars 2 gameplay video details the new PvP map included in the upcoming content update Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm.

The PvP map called "Spirit Watch" features a capture-the-flag mode. Two teams must capture the Orb of Ascension located in the center of the map and run it to one of three capture shrines: Wolf, Raven and Bear.

Teams are allocated capture shrines at the start of the match. Running the Orb to a friendly shrine awards 30 points and running the orb to enemy shrine rewards 15 points; however, the shrine is neutralized by doing so.

Players with Orb possession are reduced to 60 percent speed, yet have access to all of their powers, except stealth and swiftness.

Guild Wars 2 was released Aug. 28, 2012 for Windows PC and Sep. 18 for Mac and will add its second content update Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm on Feb. 26.

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