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Ace of Spades celebrating Valentine's Day with Tommy Guns

Pixel-art first-person shooter Ace of Spades is celebrating Valentine's Day with a throwback to the infamous St. Valentines Day Massacre, introducing new DLC content that will feature maps based on Alcatraz prison and a Prohibition-era Chicago, along with a new gangster character class equipped with a Tommy Gun, Snub Nosed Pistol, crowbar and Molotov cocktail.

In addition, six new character skills will be available, as well as two new game modes will be introduced. Territories will allow players to fight for control of different areas on the map in order to finally take full control of the city. VIP mode will then introduce two new boss characters who must each be protected by either gang. If this VIP character is taken down, the teams enter a sudden death in which respawns are disabled and all remaining players slowly lose health.

The Valentine's Day Massacre DLC releases today on Steam for $4.99. During its first week of launch, the content will be available for 20 percent off.

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