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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon multiplayer to feature four-player local and online co-op

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will include four-player online and local co-op, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today in a Nintendo Direct presentation.

There will be three different multiplayer modes in which up to four players, all playing at Luigi, will work together to solve puzzles. Each has access to Luigi's arsenal: the Poltergust 5000, the strobe Light and new Dark Light, which works like a black light to illuminate hidden objects.

Players can work together to climb up a tower in Scare Scraper mode. Hunter Mode asks players to defeat all ghosts on each floor of a tower within a time limit, and Chaser Mode asks players to find hidden ghosts ducks.

Players will use Luigi's Poltergust 5000 machine to capture ghosts and solve puzzles. Luigi can suck up water as well, and fill balloons for short-term air travel. The Dark Light device will also help Luigi find items that have disappeared. To fight with ghosts, Luigi will have to stun ghosts before reeling them in, incapacitating them for capture. Some ghosts can block the stun with objects or by wearing sunglasses.

Dark Moon will also feature a ghost dog who loves gold, and will run off with anything made of it. In Polterpup mode, players will need to use the Dark Light to follow his footprints and retrieve the gold.

"You might think with all these ghost that Luigi's Mansion is a scary horror game," says Miyamoto. "It's more a lighthearted game based on funny interactions with the comical ghosts."

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be the first game released during the "year of Luigi," said Iwata.

The next level of puzzles.

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