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Wii U prepares for dual Zelda games with Miiverse community

The Wii U's Miiverse community gets a dedicated space for the Legend of Zelda series today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during a Nintendo Direct today.

"Users have freely shared their experiences on already released games (in the Miiverse) but none for unreleased games," Iwata said. "There is no community for the Legend of Zelda or the two new games we announced in our last Nintendo Direct."

Saying that the company "appreciates the enthusiasm" Iwata said that they would be opening a Zelda community, where fans can discuss the past, present and future of the franchise, on Miiverse today.

Iwata added that Miiverse users shouldn't be surprised if game designer and Zelda franchise mainstay Eiji Aonuma makes an occasional appearance in the community.

During a Nintendo Direct last month, Nintendo officials announced that they were working on two Zelda titles: An HD remake of The Wind Waker and an original yet-to-be-named game, both for the Wii U.

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