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PlayStation 4 prototype controller reportedly leaked in dev kit photo

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

A photograph of an early version of the PlayStation 4 controller has been posted by Destructoid, offering a glimpse at possible changes and new inputs coming to the next-generation DualShock. Since the photo was first published, Polygon has received independent verification of the prototype controller.

The controller appears to include a previously rumored touchscreen or touchpad, as well as speaker and/or microphone, above the PlayStation "home" button. A glowing blue bar, which resembles the light used in Sony's PlayStation Move controller, appears at the top of the bulkier-looking controller. Last year, Sony filed for a patent that appeared to combine the Move's motion sensing capabilities with a traditional PlayStation gamepad.

The gamepad's dual analog sticks also appear to feature concave tops, a change from the current PlayStation 3 controller. A headphone jack is visible at the bottom of the prototype controller.

Reports from Kotaku and IGN, both citing sources, indicate that the controller is a prototype and may not represent the final version of PS4's gamepad.

Polygon has contacted Sony Computer Entertainment seeking comment on the supposed PlayStation 4 prototype controller and will update with any new information provided by the company.

Sony is holding an event on Feb. 20 in New York which promises to show "the future" of PlayStation.