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Happy Valentine's Day from the video game industry and its colorful characters

Today is Valentine's Day, and even the industry and its plethora of personalities have been bitten by the love bug.

The gallery above includes a handful of cards from The Last of Us and Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, as well as a few shared on the Fire Emblem: Awakening official Faceboook page and romantic wishes from High Moon Studios and Deadpool. Activision has even passed on a special card via the Call of Duty Twitter page for anyone looking to wheedle out of an unwanted date tonight.

Meanwhile over at BioWare, the studio is serving up a special V-Day-themed Mass Effect 3 mission, Operation: Heartbreaker. Players are tasked with taking down an onslaught of Banshees and collecting bodies for analysis. Individuals who rack up 20,000 points ridding the field of the creatures will be rewarded with a Commendation Pack.

Anyone heading out stag tonight may want to head over to the PlayStation Blog, where the team at Sanzaru Games has shared the below dating video for Carmelita Fox, heroine of the recently released game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Capcom has decided to celebrate by highlighting one the Resident Evil series' longstanding characters, Jill Valentine, going so far as to name today in her honor.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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