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Trine 2: Director's Cut discounted 25 percent worldwide

Trine 2: Director's Cut, Frozenbyte's fantasy-infused puzzle platformer, has been discounted 25 percent worldwide in the Wii U eShop, according to a press release from the developer.

In an effort to "spread the love" this Valentine's Day, you can pick up the game, which typically costs $19.99, for $14.99 in the U.S. and Canada. The sale runs through Feb. 28 in North America and Australia and March 7 in Europe. For the discounted price, purchasers will receive a recent title update that brought improved graphics, multiplayer voice chat and support for the Wii U Pro Controller, after getting stuck in the submissions process.

Last November, Frozenbyte's marketing manager Mikael Haveri said that the Wii U eShop gave developers the "power to price our products as we please, with just some basic guidelines from the big guys," a position he characterized as "very indie-friendly."

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