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Pastor of church affected by shooting blames video games for mass shooting violence

Brady Boyd, Colonel Senior Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, which sustained two murders and two injuries by a gunman five years ago, says games and not guns are the problem.

He made the comments in a recent interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network about the Newtown shootings and Washington's debate on gun control.

"Gun control is not an issue that should be on the frontline of the churches. Violence is another topic," the Colo. Pastor Brady said in the interview. "We should be talking about violence — in fact, two Sundays ago, I stood in front of my congregation and I challenged the parents who are allowing these violent games into their homes."

CBN reported Colo. Pastor as saying that now is the time for churches talk to openly about mental health to work at destigmatizing the issue.

The gunman who carried out the Colorado shootings at Youth With A Mission and New Life Church killed four people in total. CNN reported that before the shootings, the gunman had posted online about the video game, music and movie ban imposed upon him by his parents.

See the storystream below of Polygon's coverage of the various proposals, reported accusations and initiatives made after the Dec. 14, 2012 shootings.

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