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Project Awakened superhero sim moves to Steam Greenlight, details character customization

Superhero simulation game Project Awakened launched a campaign on Steam Greenlight earlier this week, aiming for publication on Steam through Valve's program.

Developer Phosphor Games' wants players to "craft the videogame character of your dreams" in Awakened, offering a score of customization options ranging from unique superhero abilities to cosmetic details. The developer released a video, posted above, showing a more in-depth look at the prototype for the character creator. Among the options for decking out your avatar are costumes based on existing popular superheroes, as well as outfits crafted to look like Link, Devil May Cry's Dante and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.

The video also shows several abilities Phosphor has currently programmed into the game, included enhanced agility, the firearms and cover systems and the ability to electrically charge objects.

Phosphor Games already started a Kickstarter campaign for the project earlier this month, and it is currently sitting just above $135,000 of its $500,000 goal. The game is slated to enter closed beta during the first quarter of 2014, and open beta in the third quarter.