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Sega and Japanese retailer Enterbrain launch limited run console-themed laptop line

Sega has partnered with Japanese online retailer Enterbrain to launch a line of laptops with cosmetic themes based on Sega's video game consoles, according to the listing on Enterbrain's website.

The Sega Note PC line will see a limited run and is currently available only in Japan. There are four different versions of the laptop: three are based on the Mega Drive (Genesis), Saturn, and Dreamcast consoles, while one is a simple solid light blue emblazoned with the Sega logo. The outer cases can also be purchased separately from the hardware, allowing owners to collect and switch out the laptop's covers.

The screens are 15.6-inches and display at 1080p, and hard drives come pre-loaded with wallpapers, icons, music and Windows themes based on various Sega franchises.

The line also offers different software configurations: light, standard, high-spec and premium. There are only 50 available units of the later three models, and pricing ranges from 99,750 yen ($1,077) for the light model to 194,250 yen ($2,098) for the premium model. The pre-order period for the laptop ends on March 31.

Polygon has reached out to Sega for more information on the laptop line and will update this story with more details as we have them.

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