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TMI Trivia tailors user experience to current events and personal information

Free-to-play iOS trivia game TMI Trivia supplies a constantly-replenishing well of questions tailored to be relevant to both current events and users' personal interests.

TMI allows players to challenge groups of friends in rounds of trivia focused on specific categories — like video games, celebrities and literature, as well as constantly-changing sections based on current trends and upcoming holidays. Answering questions correctly contributes to a jackpot, a total number of in-game currency that will go to the winner with the highest score at the end of each week. Jackpot cash can be used to purchase categories and power-ups.

Vice president and executive producer of EA All Play Jon Dean says that trivia questions will be generated from content provided by the app's partners, which include Variety and music news site Spin.

"We want to keep content relevant to the user," said Dean. "Everything on here changes like on TV Guide. You find what you're interested in, and [the questions] change every day.

"In most trivia games, it's all about obscure questions and areas of knowledge," he added. "We wanted to our content to be things users should know about, with current events being a big part of that."

Players can challenge their friends or use the My Social feature, which scrapes players iTunes and Facebook accounts to create questions based on personal information and tastes.

Power-ups make answering questions a little easier. These "shortcuts" include actions like stopping the answer countdown clock, eliminating possible answers (each question presents four) and doubling or tripling scores. Players can also choose to "poll the audience," and the game will draw from a pool of previous players' answers and present what percentage of players picked what answers.

Players can unlock them through continued play or purchase them in-app. Power-ups and categories are available for $0.99 each and up to $99 for packs of a thousand. Dean notes that while stores of these will replenish themselves over time, the game is designed to encourage players to keep grinding for scores and progress. Players can also earn currency by watching in-app ads that play before each trivia round.

TMI Trivia is currently live in Canada, and EA plans to release the title globally next month for iOS. An Android version is in the works for release at a later date.

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