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Black Mesa: Insecurity mod to bring Half-Life: Blue Shift to Black Mesa

Black Mesa: Insecurity aims to bring an updated version of Half-life's second expansion, Half-life: Blue Shift, to the game's recent Black Mesa mod, according to its listing on ModDB.

Half-Life: Blue Shift was originally developed by Gearbox Software and released in 2001. The in-development mod will require Black Mesa, a community-built remake of Half-life assembled over several years in Valve's Source Engine. Though he politely warns those interested that it's a one man operation that he'll be working on in his spare time, the modder also provides screenshots like the one above to show his progress.

"Overall what I hope to achieve is an experience similar to Black Mesa's in that the essence of what Blue Shift was remains intact while adding a major facelift and re-imagining to the rest," the modder wrote on ModDB.

Black Mesa was approved for distribution on Steam last September though Steam Greenlight. Earlier last year, we spoke to the development lead behind the Black Mesa project, so be sure to check out our interview for more information on the remake.