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Turbine server maintenance results in extended downtime, player compensation

Global maintenance on Turbine's servers has resulted in longer-than-expected downtime for all of the studio's games, prompting the company to compensate players with points and VIP playtime.

Points and extra playtime will kick into effect once service is restored. Affected premium and VIP players who have accessed their account within the last 30 days will receive 250 Turbine points. VIP players will be granted an additional day of VIP time, plus extra days equal to the amount of downtime.

The maintenance, which affects both Asheron's Call games, Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, began on Feb. 14. Downtime was expected to last 24 hours, ending at 6 a.m. ET on Feb. 15. An update at 2:40 a.m. on Feb. 15, however, extended maintenance to an unspecified time.

As of this posting, Turbine's servers are still down. No updates have been posted since Feb. 15.