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Authentic in All Caps developers raising funds for a web audio adventure

A small team of Australian developers at Universe Creation 101 is raising funds for Authentic in All Caps, an iPad game that combines radio drama and web navigation, according to the game's listing on Pozible.

A female narrator will guide Authentic in All Caps players though the game's universe, where she'll direct players to explore websites created for the game. By visiting players will unlock more about the story, characters and plot.

"Audio is a powerful element in any creative project, and we're drawing on it to explore characters, setting, navigation and emotion on the web in a new way," said Christy Dena, founder of Universe Creation 101. "You don't just listen in Authentic; you look, and do. It's not a video game, radio drama, or audio tour; but we're drawing on the techniques used in all of these to create a new story experience where audio and fictional websites are combined."

A prototype for Authentic in All Caps was a runner up in the Best Writing in a Game category at the Freeplay Awards, which took place at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Melbourne, Australia last September. As of this writing, the game has secured $4,915 of its $15,000 goal, with 10 days remaining in the fundraising campaign. Check out the trailer above to learn more about the game from its creators. You can learn more about the campaign at Authentic in All Caps' Pozible page.