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Dragon Quest 10 set to release March 30 in Japan alongside a Wii U console bundle

Dragon Quest 10, Square Enix's massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Nintendo consoles, will be released for Wii U March 30 in Japan alongside a new console bundle, according to a post on the official Japanese Dragon Quest website.

The release date applies both to the disc-based and 16 GB downloadable versions of the game. Owners of Dragon Quest 10 for Wii can purchase the download for half off, and all copies come with 20 days free online play. The hardware bundle will include the Wii U Deluxe console, the game, a Wii U Pro Controller, a pre-paid card to use in the game and five energy ball items that allow you to double your experience and gold collection for 30 minutes.

Square Enix announced last year that Dragon Quest 10's HD upgrade would be compatible with the original Wii version, allowing players to use characters from and play with others on the Wii. The developer also outlined a plan last year to provide updates to the game every 10 weeks for the next 10 years. To see the game in HD Wii U action, you can check out a trailer released late last year. Square Enix has not announced a Western release for the game.