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Voice-controlled real-time strategy game There Came an Echo hits Kickstarter

There Came an Echo, a voice-controlled real-time strategy game starring Wil Wheaton, is currently seeking $90,000 in funding on Kickstarter.

As a field commander, players will send a small squad into various missions with voice directives. According to Iridium founder Jason Wishnov, who hosts the Kickstarter video, players will be able create their own phrases.

"You'll command your units via pre-defined orders, such as take cover or retreat, but the player can also define custom commands that do the same things, such as ‘for the love of God, get down,' ‘cap that fucker,' or any specific quote from the movie Zoolander," Wishnov said.

The project is headed by Iridium Studios, who created indie role-playing game Sequence. There Came an Echo already has a sound team, recording studio, actors and programmers, but contributions will determine the game's scale and aesthetics.

Backer tiers range from $15 to $3,000. Those who back the lowest tier will receive a Steam copy of There Came an Echo when it releases, as well as a free copy of Sequence. For $30, backers get a digital copy of the game's soundtrack, concept art and the previous rewards. Other rewards at higher tiers include a spot in the game's credits, a T-shirt, an NPC in your likeness and more.

There Came an Echo's campaign will end Thursday, March 21. The game is currently being developed for Windows PC.

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