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Life.Love Game Design Challenge helps promote awareness of teen dating violence

The Life.Love Game Design Challenge will return this summer for its sixth annual contest to promote awareness of teen dating violence through game creation.

Life.Love is a design challenge in which contestants create a video game about teen dating violence without using violence in the game. During this year's contest, contestants will have a choice of developing games for Android, iOS or HTML5. Winners will receive a prize of $5,000.

The contest is run by Jennifer Ann's Group, a non-profit organization that educates families, teachers and young adults about the warning signs and prevention of dangerous relationships. The event's organizer, Drew Crecente, explained that video games can act as an avenue for education and social change.

"Video games have traditionally been treated primarily as a source for entertainment and secondarily for education purposes but rarely as a tool for social change," Crecente said. "Jennifer Ann's Group is attempting to reach as much of our target audience as possible within the constraints of our small nonprofit's budget. Every year the games are enjoyed by more and more of the public and this year we're hoping for an even larger impact."

Registration is open now, and all entries are due by June 1. The contest winner will be announced at the 9th Annual Games for Health Conference taking place in Boston, Mass., June 26-28.

Full disclosure: News Editor Brian Crecente is the brother of the event's organizer, Drew Crecente.

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