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Hotline Miami headed to PlayStation 3 and Vita this spring

Hotline Miami is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this spring, according to a video published today on publisher Devolver Digital's YouTube channel.

The developer has been teasing an announcement in recent days, including a picture posted to Yfrog earlier today showing a screenshot that references a start button you wouldn't expect to see on its Windows PC port. Check out the video above to see the console and handheld ports in action. If you haven't waded into Hotline Miami's retro-styled murderous action, be sure to check out our review.

Dutch developer Abstraction Games is working on the ports, which will support Sony's Cross Buy program. Announced last August, Cross Buy allows those who purchase a game on one version of Sony's hardware to unlock it for free on the other.

According to a post on Steam from last November, a Mac version of the game was scheduled to be "out soon" but has not yet been released. We've reached out to the developer and will update this article with more information as we receive it.