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Quincy Jones co-founded software Playground Sessions teaches piano lessons

A new software program co-developed by music producer and 27-time Grammy Award winner Quincy Jones teaches users how to play the piano in a manner similar to Guitar Hero, Mashable reports.

Playground Sessions uses real-time feedback and scoring to help users learn how to play popular songs. Its library currently has close to 90 different tracks, including music by Train, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Cyndi Lauper, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Beyonce and more. Co-founder and CEO Chris Vance told Mashable that the project idea was drawn from Guitar Hero, Rosetta Stone and American Idol.

"We had this crazy idea: Could we do Guitar Hero with real instruments," Vance said. "Everyone still harbors that desire to be a rockstar; it's a universal truth that's never going to go away."

Playground Session offers individual lessons for songs, year-long memberships pirced at $9.99 a month or three months for $14.99. The software currently offers instruction from four different musicians: Quincy Jones, David Sides, Alex Ness and Dr. Byron Adams. Users must provide their own keyboard, though the company's website does provide advice on what to look for.

Playground Sessions isn't the first to highlight keyboard play. Harmonix's Rock Band 3 added a keyboard peripheral to its lineup in 2010. The game's Pro Mode attempted to teach users how to play actual songs through accurate keyboard notes.

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