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Adventure role-playing game Mage’s Initiation launches on Kickstarter

The creators of the Quest for Glory and King's Quest series remakes have launched a Kickstarter fund for a new game on Windows PC called Mage's Initiation.

As D'arc, a 16-year-old mage initiate, players will navigate medieval-styled lands in a point-and-click adventure. The game offers four different classes: fire, water, earth and air, which have a direct effect on puzzle solving, gameplay and dialogue. According to the Kickstarer video, which you can watch above, Mage's Initiation is, "put simply ... a role-playing adventure game hybrid similar to Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series."

Writer and game designer Daniel Stacey says the game will feature a unique leveling system.

"Rather than relying on skill grinding and repetitive actions, we've come up with an effective system that seamlessly integrates leveling directly into the player's game score," Stacey said. "This means your power is more evenly balanced as you progress through the game.

Backer reward tiers start at $6 with a DRM-free copy of the game and private forum access. The Kickstarter's top tier of $5,000 will add the backer as a combatable NPC.

Himalaya has already completed "a large portion of the game" and is asking for $65,000 to pay for voice actors, additional artwork, marketing and overall improved game quality. Stretch goals begin at $75,000 and include Mac, Linux, Android and iOS ports.

The Mage's Initiation campaign ends on Saturday, March 23.

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