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CNN host blames video games for violence despite expert disagreeing

The gun violence debate remains a heated topic among government and press, and during a recent CNN broadcast, Out Front host Erin Burnett continued to push the idea of video games as the cause.

Burnett spoke with psychologist and author William Pollack, asking "point blank" if games were the cause of mass shootings.

"A lot of people out there now, they think this is accepted as a fact that all these violent games — and by the way they are horrifically violent — is why we are seeing this seemingly explosion in mass shootings," Burnett said. "True?"

"No, not true," Pollack replied. " ... They don't cause shootings anything more than one item does."

Pollack instead argued that control is needed to keep children away from violent games. Despite the psychologist continually disagreeing on Burnett's points, Burnett continued to ask if games caused violence. Burnett called Adam Lanza a "game aficionado," and cited Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto, where "you kill people and you win points."

"Does that mean that people who play that game are more likely to kill people?" Burnett said.

"No," Pollack said. "It's heinous and it's more than disgusting ... but there's no proof they're going to go out and get a gun and shoot someone."

You can watch the video above.

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