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SimCity Sandbox Mode is a 'gentler version' of game

SimCity, the latest title in the series that's set to launch next month, will give players a "gentler" option for play through the game's Sandbox mode, according to a recent post from the game's lead gameplay scripter.

Guillaume Pierre outlined the basics of Sandbox Mode, including its disaster-averting fuctions.

"Each city starts with a truck-load of Simoleons (in-game currency), with the possibility to add more via a key press, and although the simulation functions just like a regular game, certain "pushback" systems can be toggled on and off at any time," Pierre writes.

Players can elminate threats such as fire by hitting "Alt F," or disasters altogether with "Alt D." Using this mode, however, will disqualify players from the game's competitive aspects, such as achievements, leaderboards or global market trades. Cooperative functions, including region play and chat, will remain open.

SimCity will be released March 5 for Windows PC, with a Mac version expected in the spring.