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Real Racing 3 dev diary explains time shifted multiplayer

Real Racing 3 players will be able to play against friends anytime, anywhere, with the game's time shifted multiplayer, according to the latest developer diary.

"You can play your iPhone one day, then [friends] can play against you the next day on their iPhone without you having to coordinate it or organize everything together," said Ptolemy Oberin, one of the game's programmers.

According to community manager Sam Mayo, players need only sign into their account to compete with friends or rivals worldwide.

"When your friends play online, their results are sent to our servers and they're made available for people to play them," Mayo said. "Then you can challenge your friends' times that might have been recorded days or weeks ago."

Real Racing 3 will launch on iOS and Android. The game was revealed to have asynchronous multiplayer last year during an Apple event in September.

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