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Alien Noire website could be a Prey 2 teaser, counting down to March 1

A new website labeled Alien Noire could be part of a marketing stunt for Prey 2, Human Head Studios' upcoming open-world, first-person shooter.

The site was discovered by NeoGAF user EatChildren, who cited what was supposedly a screenshot of the page's source code. Listed in the code was "Prey 2," "Bethesda" and "Human Head Studios." Those labels have apparently been removed and now only "Alien Noire" is present.

Continuing down through the site's code will reveal that the countdown ends on March 1. At the bottom of the page is the the cryptic phrase "Tommy needs your help, " a possible reference to the orignal Prey protagonist.

Prey 2 was first announced as a sequel to the 2006 title in March 2011, though little news has been provided since. We have contacted Bethesda for comment and will update accordingly.

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