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Evolution Studios developing DriveClub, a new racing game for PS4

Evolution Studios is working on a new racing game for the PlayStation 4 called DriveClub, the developer announced at an event that unveiled Sony's new console today.

"We're making the game we've always wanted to make," said Matt Southern, game director at Evolution Studios.

"It's all about team-based racing. It's existed at the concept as a studio for 10 years. At it's heart, it's always been a simple concept about driving the best cars in the world in the best locations in the world.

"We've literally waited for the technology to deliver our vision."

It's a game designed to play in teams, in "real clubs" asynchronously and in real time against other clubs.

"Every section of every track is packed with challenges," he said. Players can both create and accept challenges and share them along with videos on Sony tablets, as seen in the presentation.

"We're using first-person perspective to ensure that you and your mates should feel like you should when you own a car like this."

The game demo shown on stage began "with the exquisite feeling of opening the [car] door, breathing in the experience, strapping yourself in" and even adjusting your seat belt in a first-person perspective. It showed all driving from inside the cockpit, from a first-person perspective, as the cars sped over the asphalt. An on-screen menu appeared at several points to show the game's social features, including what appeared to be the clubs referenced in Southern's introduction and the game's title. You can watch the demo below.

"We've gone borderline insane with real world details and subtleties," he said.

Evolution Studios' history is full of racing games, beginning with the World Championship Rally series on PlayStation 2 and transitioning to the MotorStorm series in 2006. The developer's most recent game, MotorStorm: RC, was released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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