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Sony aims to make every PS4 game available on PS Vita

Sony's long-term goal is to make all PlayStation 4 games available on PS Vita, Dave Perry of Gaikai announced during today's PlayStation 2013 event in New York.

PlayStation 4 architecture uses Gaikai technology, so PlayStation 4 serves as server and the PlayStation Vita serves as client.

Shown during the presentation was the newly announced PlayStation 4 title, Knack, accessed through remote play on the PlayStation Vita. Knack is being developed by Japan Studio under the direction of PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny.

Sony initially introduced cross-play functionality between PlayStation Vita devices and PlayStation 3 consoles with the North American launch of the handheld platform last February, introducing titles such as WipEout 2048 that allowed users to play against one another on either system. The use of Gaikai technology on the PlayStation 4 will result in reduced transmission times so gameplay is snappy and immediate, comparatively.

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